Hi, we are HUMATOR – translator with human soul

We’re a translation service looking for new translation heroes to build up our team!

Our hero needs to have:

- perfect knowledge of your native language
- foreign language skills proven by a certificate or any other document
- translation (or proofreading) experience
- enthusiasm and time to spend on translations / proofreading

What we offer:

- we deal with order hunting and price policy for you, leaving you the time and space to work fully on translations
- the opportunity to be the master of your own time – you decide when to accept a translation order

Are you interested in our project?

Would you like to give it a try and join our team of translators? Create an account and complete the registration form.


As soon as we confirm your account and experience, you will become a member of our team – you will become a HUMATOR – human translator.
(HUMATOR reserves the right to refuse a translator without stating the reason.)

HUMATOR – human translator is a platform enabling an easier connection between clients and professional translators. It can be either an extra job or a main income for freelance translators. We are continuously upgrading our system to translators’ needs so this is a unique opportunity for you to be a part of it.

- flexible working time
- working from home
- free membership
- simple access to orders
- transparent earnings system
Becoming a member of our translator team is risk-free and cost-free. HUMATOR has designed a system enabling the translators to choose when they want to work.

All of them. You can register all your language skills. If there is a demand for a certain language skill and HUMATOR has enough people with this specific skill, we will add it to our offer. We are continuously expanding our language portfolio and therefore all language combinations are welcomed.

Earnings depends on the language skill, type of text and its length. Once you register, you can see the actual earnings in your profile.

We carefully review each customer complaint. First we examine out the complaint and demand a correction from the text’s original translator. If this step does not resolve the situation we forward the text to another translator. HUMATOR has the right to decide whether the original translator will be paid or not. HUMATOR cares about customer satisfaction and maintaining a high level of professionalism in its translation team.